Upgrade your sound, enhance your driving experience and choose the longer drive home. Really, it's that simple. How you enjoy your time in your car may be the only thing that's completely still your choice. Dynamic Auto Sound offers many fantastic car audio options.

An enhanced car audio system is an upgrade from which nearly all vehicles can benefit and Dynamic Auto Sound are experts in the category. These guys know how to deliver great sound!

Whether you drive a new or old car, like rock-n-roll or rap music, and use CD's or a smartphone for your music, the team at Dynamic Auto Sound has a high-quality and ideal solution for your sound system enhancements. Dynamic Auto Sound offers you all the best products including head units, amplifiers, subwoofers as well as factory replacement and high-end component speakers. All installations are professional-grade and engineered to perform. When "sound" is part of the company name, you know they deliver.

In the Dash Car Audio

Today's modern dashboards are complex and integrated. Dynamic Auto Sound navigates this challenge with a unique combination of specialized installation methods, vehicle-specific parts and factory-like wiring. If your vehicle lacks the modern features of navigation, rear view camera, USB ports for portable audio devices or Bluetooth capability, it's no problem. The experts at Dynamic Auto Sound have incredible technology at your fingertips that can be integrated seamlessly with your dashboard and existing electronics. Give your new car an upgrade or modernize your classic. Either way, the latest in-vehicle audio technology is found at Dynamic Auto Sound.

Upgrade the Sound

Does your vehicle already have the bells and whistles in the dash? If you already have your desired functionality from the factory radio, chances are you need to improve the overall sound. Dynamic Auto Sound's expert technicians can recommend and install audio upgrades like digital signal processing, multi-channel amplification, speaker upgrades and even a subwoofer to make the music come alive. While each vehicle has different architecture and configuration, the goal of incredible sound is the same. Dynamic Auto Sound takes factory-installed sound systems and supercharges them to deliver audio bliss.

Installation is Everything

At Dynamic Auto Sound, installation is a critical part of successful sound system upgrades. Attention to detail is given at every step, from dis-assembly of interior panels to high-quality soldered wire to wire connections. Dynamic Auto Sound's technicians also take their approach to calibrating sound system enhancements seriously.

All premium amplifier and digital signal processor installations are calibrated with industry leading techniques using high-tech tooling like oscilloscopes and real time analyzers (RTAs). A technician then fine tunes the audio system to deliver maximum performance and sound quality throughout the useable volume range. This level of installation detail and calibration ensures the most bang for the buck and, more importantly, that your audio system is configured to perform flawlessly long term.

Visit Dynamic Auto Sound to experience a comprehensive sound system demonstration, discuss specific options for your vehicle and receive a complimentary, no-cost quote to make that time behind the wheel just a little more enjoyable.